Project participants

Main researchers:

Tudor-Bogdan Airimitoaie is the principal investigator of this project. He obtained his Ph.D degree in Automatic control jointly from the University of Grenoble (GIPSA-lab) and the University Politechnica of Bucarest, Romania in 2012. His PhD research focused on the design of adaptive and robust controllers for active vibration control systems. Currently, he is Associate Professor at the University of Bordeaux, France. His main research activities focus on flat systems, non-integer systems, robust anticipative control, and adaptive control, with applications to aeronautical systems and active vibration and noise control systems. He is co-author of the book Adaptive and Robust Active Vibration Control.
Loïc Lavigne obtained his Ph.D. degree in Automatic Control from the University of Bordeaux in 2003. Since September 2005 he has been Associate Professor at Bordeaux University. His main research interests include fault detection and diagnosis, path planning, flat systems and robust control dedicated to aeronautics and space domains. Dr. Lavigne has been involved in two different European projects (GARTEUR, SIRASAS) which deals respectively on robust control and Fault Detection and Diagnosis in the Flight Control System. Dr. Lavigne is also responsible of IMA cursus in the Master GSAT of Bordeaux University. Pr. Lavigne is also the head of IMSAT, the aeronautical department of University of Bordeaux.
Franck Cazaurang obtained the B.S and M.S degrees in Electrical Engineering from ENS Cachan in 1988 and 1990, respectively, the Ph. D. degree in Automatic control from University Bordeaux 1 in 1997 and the research degree for leading research and PhD students in 2009. From september 1992 to August 1998 he worked as lecturer (agrégé) at the University of Bordeaux. From september 1998 to August 2010 he worked as Associate Professor of Control engineering in Bordeaux University. Since 2010 he has been Professor of Control engineering in Bordeaux University.His main research interests include path planning, fault tolerant guidance dynamic inversion and robust control dedicated to aeronautics and space domains. Pr. Cazaurang is also the head of IMA school.
Christophe Farges was born in Toulouse, France, in 1980. From 2003 to 2006, he was a Ph.D. student at the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS-CNRS), Toulouse, France. He received the Ph.D. degree from University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, in December 2006. Since September 2007 he is holding an associate professor position at University of Bordeaux and IMS Laboratory, France. His research interests are mainly related to fractional order models analysis and control. Christophe Farges is also in charge of the bachelor's degree of the IMSAT study program (Aeronautics and Transportation) of Bordeaux University.
Benoit Deltheil is from the south-west of France. He obtained his engineering degree from INSA in Toulouse in 2001. From 2001 to 2006, he worked as a aeronautical engineer in the company LATECOERE in Toulouse. Since 2007, he teaches aeronautical structure and finite element calculations (among other courses) at IMA, University of Bordeaux.


  • Oumayma Frehou (engineer, 3rd year), dynamic model and controller design.
  • Kevin Timmel (AESOP master, Univ. of Cincinnati), CFD analysis of an airfoil using OpenFOAM (May - July 2018).
  • Bhavika Waniba (AESOP master, Univ. of Cincinnati), design of a bi-rotor delta wing in XFLR5, dynamic modelling and control (May - July 2018) and a second internship during her Master of Science at the University of Cincinnati (october 2018 - march 2019).
  • Alexandre Vergez (Bachelor 3rd year), quad-copter control law design using a Pixhawk autopilot and the PX4 flight stack (June - July 2018).
  • Jamy Vignaud (Bachelor 3rd year), quad-copter control law design using a RaspberryPI3 autopilot with a Navio 2 hatand the Arducopter flight stack (June - July 2018).
  • Yurima Colmenares Contreras (Bachelor 2nd year), altitude control using ultrasonic sensor and Crazyflie quad-copter (Mai - June 2018).
  • Jihène Kraiem (Master 2nd year), fault detection and isolation (April - July 2018).
  • Hend Triki (Master 2nd year), estimation of aerodynamic coefficients from simulation flight data (April - July, September 2018).
  • Gemma Prieto Aguilar (Master 2nd year) worked on the dynamic equations of the convertible aircraft and the study of the flatness of the obtained non-linear model (March - July 2017).
  • Myriam Larquet (Bachelor 2nd year), IMU sensor data fusion (June 2017).
  • Jon Fernandez Esnal (Bachelor 3rd year, Erasmums exchange student Univ. of Barcelona), tricopter modelling and fault tolerant control (Erasmus exchange student 2016, link).

Student projects:

  • Camille Delaugeas, Étienne Demai, Pierre Descoubes, Pierre Drouot (Master 2nd year) video motion analysis and controller design, embedded system, mechanical system design and manufacturing (March - April 2019).
  • Antoine Pauquet, Aubin Pereira, Christopher Pouzou (IUT 2nd year) building of the delta-wing body in extruded polystyrene foam (2018-2019 project).
  • Yannis Youssef Ba Bineni, Wendyam Frederic Diapa, Setaniaina Cedatien Mafilaza (Master 2nd year) delta-wing CFD analysis - part 2 (March - April 2019).
  • Florent Dumazer-Dos Santos, Maxime Fernandez, Mouhamad Ndongo Thiaw (Master 2nd year) delta-wing CFD analysis - part 1 (January - February 2019).
  • Matthieu Delobel, Thomas Lagarde, Maxime Le Roux, Elio Marazzato, Cyril Mouchet (Master 2nd year) numerical wind tunnel simulations using Altair AcuSolve (March - April 2018).
  • Alexis Coupry, Quentin Lacoste, Jordan Lespes (Master 2nd year) sizing and 3D modelling of the convertible aircraft - part 2 (March - April 2018).
  • Salem Aidi, Emilie Jacquot, Brandon Neiva da Silva (Master 2nd year) sizing and 3D modelling of the convertible aircraft - part 1 (January - February 2018).
  • Arnold Palomino, Alexandre Vergez, Jamy Vignaud (Bachelor 3rd year) implementation of control algorithms on a drone autopilot based on a RaspberryPI 3 with a Navio 2 hat (January - February 2018).
  • Daniel Monier-Reyes (Master 1st year) simulation, design and implementation of PID control for a quadcopter (January - February 2017).